About us

About us

The FilmSpektakel GmbH

We have been fully committed to shooting extraordinary films since 2012. We are a young team with boundless creativity. We are passionate about film production, placing great importance on being both technically and artistically innovative.

Meet the Team

  • Peter Jablonowski

    Peter JablonowskiManaging Director, DOP, edit

    Geht nicht? Gibt’s nicht! Peter, unser kreativer Macher, weiß genau was er will, und verwandelt selbst die ausgefallensten Ideen in filmische Realität! His flair for motifs is as unique as his style, which gives the productions its unmistakable painting. Actually superfluous to mention that he does not only because he wants, but because he can.

  • Thomas Pöcksteiner

    Thomas PöcksteinerManaging Director, DOP, edit

    Thomas is anti – not anti-you but anti-everything. For the sake for perfection, rather than as a matter of principle. He cuts, arranges, and edits until the final product is up to his artistic standards. Granted, that will never be the case for him. But it is precisely this passion that results in the production of films rather than mere videos.

  • Lorenz Pritz

    Lorenz PritzDOP, edit, 360-degree

    For Lorenz, the world is anything but one-dimensional. His specialty is 360° photography and any question life poses along the way. No matter how tricky, Lorenz has the answer. This makes him our secret weapon and is also why he has been an indispensable part of our team since 2016.

  • Markus Fic

    Markus FicTechnology, Programming

    The cursor is moving, letters and numbers waltz across the screen – but nobody is sitting there and using it! Markus is our David Copperfield of IT; although we suspect he created the Matrix, he’s probably secured the evidence for this just as well as he has all of our systems.

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