Time Lapse

We are among the world’s top specialists when it comes to the creation of time-lapse films combined with a wide variety of tracking shots. Using special techniques and professional equipment, we are able to add movement and thus that little something extra to the films.

  • Flowmotion


    Flow motion refers to the latest achievement in time-lapse technology. This technique, which is composed of a perfect interplay of different recording techniques and postproduction processes, makes it possible to show the viewer creative and fascinating camera movements. We are among the few worldwide to use this technique from the first hour, which gives us the greatest experience for planning, recording and post-processing.  

  • Motion control

    Motion control

    We have special equipment enabling us to carry out any camera movement, including in time-lapse filming. This allows us, for example, to realize tracking shots over shorter distances and camera pans. The focus can also be changed over a long period of time. With our self-developed motion control systems, it is also possible to control up to three axes of motion simultaneously.

  • Long term documentation

    Long term documentation

    The time-lapse technique is ideal for entertaining long processes and making them interesting. Whether you want to document your construction site or to visually prepare other extended periods in a short time: we make time visible for you. Through our self-developed camera system "PaceCase" it is possible for us to expose a weatherproof, autonomous camera for several weeks, months and even years of all weather conditions. A remote access enabled via the Internet automatically provides us with the latest image, provides us with control information on the functionality and allows us to control every camera parameter remotely.