Time-lapse films, corporate films, animated advertising, music videos, documentaries, and event documentation are our playground. No matter what kind of film you need, we’ll supervise your project from the development of a concept to production through to the finished film, offering creative and customized realization tailored to suit your budget.

Although we work off of your requirements during all phases of the project, we are also available for additional creative input and can point out alternatives if needed.
You want a good movie? We'll make him better!

Constant dialogue and exchange of ideas is important for us to achieve the ideal result for you. In the process, we accompany your project through three different phases.


Every film starts with a good concept. We particularly value creativity and innovation here.


The production phase is where the actual filming takes place. We can give you regular updates on the current state of affairs if desired.

Post production

The priority in this phase is on the post-editing of the filmed material: The film is cut and the soundtrack added. In the end, it is enhanced with special effects and color correction.

The technology

We attach great importance to ensuring that our equipment is always on the cutting edge of technology. Whether you want your project in 4K resolution, would like to shoot slow-motion scenes, or are looking for a lot of leeway in terms of color correction using a RAW workflow – we have just the right equipment, custom-tailored to your project.